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April 4th, 2009, 09:31 AM
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Thanks for your response...I mentioned all of this to my midwives at my appt. this week and they also said not to be suprised if the OB drops me after I tell them. I guess that this is ok, I only worry that if I go late and start to get worried and want some more reassurance (like an ultrasound to look at fluid levels or something) I won't have anywhere easy to go. My midwives do have a couple of Dr.'s they work with though, so I guess I would just go to them.
Even though homebirth has been the plan since the beginning, this seems like a big step! It makes it all seem much more real. Even though I would never want to give birth with my ob practice it has been nice having them around for a second opinion...

Baby Bria born 5/6/09

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