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March 16th, 2006, 03:12 AM
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hi. i'm a 29 yr old mom. i have 2 stepkids (a 14 yr old girl & 13 yr old boy) & my own baby girl. i've been married for 3 years now. my stepkids used to live with us for a year or so, until there was this incident that my stepkids stole my SIL's mobile phone. after that incident, they went home to their mom. 2 months after, my stepson asked my DH if it's ok for him to come back to live with us and so he did.

a few months after i gave birth to my DD, another stealing incident occured. this time my stepson took money from my MIL. i suggested to my FIL & MIL that he should be sent to a child psychologist, but they said that problems like this can be resolved within the family. i tried talking to DH about it, but still my PIL's decision prevailed. sad to say, my stepson would still take money from others. yes, he would be caught but it seems like he's immuned to what DH would say & to my PIL's lectures.

again, i suggested a child psychologist. i believe that the reason why he keeps on repeating the act is because there's no authority figure in our house. he could easily manipulate the elders into believing that he won't steal anymore but still keeps on doing it.

it's so sad because i am so attached to this kid. he's a sweet boy & i love him a lot. but just thinking about the things he's doing, makes me think oherwise. what will i do? another problem is that my PILs keep intervening with our (DH & i) decisions.
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