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April 5th, 2009, 08:26 PM
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Ok, to start off, I have never heard of a 2 month old having body odor. A few days ago, I smelled a little BO on Alex. This was just after I switched to Burt's Bees Baby wash, and 2 days since his last bath (I usually bathe him every other day) so I thought that since Burt's Bee's was "all natural" maybe it wasn't cleansing as well, hence the BO? Keep in mind I have a nearly 2 year old, so bathing babies is nothing new to me..... Anyway, I bathed him, and the next day the BO was back! So, I bathed him the next day using our old product, which is Huggies Shea Butter baby wash, and again, the BO is back the next day! I have never used lotion or powder on my babies, just haven't needed that stuff. I guess my question is, why do Alex have BO?? I bathe him every 48 hours, bathe him WELL (i.e., get in all his nooks & crannies) dry him well, put freshly laundered clothes on him, etc!) Why does he stink?!?! I feel so bad for my little guy!!! Any advice? Please help!!!

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