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April 6th, 2009, 06:37 PM
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Tracey-- PLEASE tell me what your ped says! I am so on the fence whether to take him in ASAP or give it a few days. DH thinks it's nothing and to do what I described, so I'm going to try to go that route. If Alex isn't 'smelling pretty' by Thursday, it's off to the ped we go.

Krystal-- the Fenugreek WORKS! I started out taking 2 pills in the morning with breakfast, and I noticed an increase in my supply about 12 hours later (seems to have more of a delay than the mother's milk tea), then I started taking an additional 2 pills in the evening, and this is when I started noticing the "BO" smell on Alex. It has enabled me to pump bunches for the freezer, so that has been nice, but if it is giving Alex problems, it totally isn't worth it to me. (and when I say bunches, I mean it! This morning I pumped 7oz from one breast alone, and I didn't even wait until it was empty, I just got tired of pumping! Crazy stuff! I knew I was REALLY full, so for the first time since Megan was a baby, I got out a big bottle! Good thing I did too, since the Medela bottles only hold 5 oz).

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