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April 6th, 2009, 08:41 PM
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I am currently going through a natural miscarriage....I started spotting more after finding out our little one stopped developing around 4/5 weeks. Friday the bleeding picked up a little bit, like a light period. Saturday was the same, and then Saturday night the bleeding picked up to that of a heavy period and I passed 2 clots about the size of a quarter, followed by a much larger clot about 3 inches long about an hour later. I am assuming that was the sac. I'm still having some heavy period-like bleeding, with a few clots yesterday evening and some today. The description I was given by my midwife was it would look like "chopped liver", which is exactly what I am seeing.

Now my question is...everything I have read has told me that I will have severe cramping...but my cramping has been pretty manageable with tylenol. Maybe one or two cramps are painful but I have had nothing that was excruciating, or even anything near my normal period cramps (which are horrible). Am I just not having contraction-like cramping because our little one was only 4/5 weeks developed? I keep wondering if the cramping is going to start...but nothing. Thanks for in advance for your help....

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