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April 7th, 2009, 07:57 AM
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Hello all,

I actually joined this form because my medela pump in style advanced started having issues. When I went through troubleshooting with them, we discovered two tiny holes where the piston (?) had started to wear out the diaphram where it pushes it in/out within the motor. As anyone who has had this issue knows, medela doesn't sell just the diaphram or offer repairs. . . or even offer the motor free of all the accessories. . . and I'm NOT about to drop another $200-300 on a product that didn't even last through two babies!!!

With a google search, I found a thread on here where "newbaby2006" said her mil had found an "elastic glue" to repair a tear in the diaphram successfully & I was hoping to find out exactly what this was. . . or if anyone else has great ideas on how to repair this problem, I'm open to other suggestions as well before just scrapping the whole motor.

I've had supply issues with both boys (yes, I'm taking tons of herbs/drinking teas & eating all those "milk boosting" foods), although things have gone much more smoothly with ds #2 & he still nurses when he's sleepy. . . but he gets most of his milk from me through my pumping, especially now that he's gotten his teeth (7 mos old) & would rather play/bite than nurse if he's anywhere near truly awake. . . and from about 2 months on, I've really had to coax him to nurse anyway (supplementary system being used or not) since the bottle is so much "easier". So I've really relied on pumping to give him all I can. Doing it by hand vs. with the double-pumping electric version is getting old REALLY quickly! Thanks for any/all who might help!
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