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April 7th, 2009, 01:00 PM
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DH and I arrived at the hospital at 4:45 AM (after an hour drive!) on April 1. We stopped at the nurses' desk and discovered they had marked my name off the induction list for that day, because it was thought I had delivered already! *rolls eyes* Apparently not. So they had ONE room left that wasn't occupied, so off we went! The nurse who started my induction was awesome. She did my paperwork, hooked me up to the monitor and started my IV, and started my pitocin drip around 5:45. I never felt any contractions, and when she did my initial cervical check I was still 1.5 cm and 75% (what I had been the past few weeks). The on call doc came in at 6:45 and broke my water, and after that my contractions became intense QUICK. My day nurse asked if I wanted any pain meds until I got my epidural, I said no, I've never had pain medications except Percocet after my wisdom teeth removal, and I wanted to suck it up for a little while. After about an hour and a half, and almost breaking the bed rail, I asked for my epidural. This was a little after 8 AM, my doctor came in and checked me and I was already 3 cm and 90%! I got my epidural a little after that, and my catheter (I refused to use the bedpan, haha) and all was right in the world! I napped some off and on after that, the doc came back around 10:30 and I was 7cm. We visited with my parents and the in-laws, until I started feeling pretty severe pain on my left side. I called my nurse and she had the anesthesiologist come back to give me another dose of pain meds. While he was on his way up, I started feeling intense pressure, like I had to take a really huge BM. My nurse came in and I was 10cm and fully thinned out! I got my pain meds just in time, it kicked in about 5 minutes after I got it, and my doctor arrived shortly after! I pushed for about 30 minutes, and I was super proud of myself. I did get pretty short of breath while pushing, but other than that it wasn't bad at all! Towards the very end, the baby's heart rate got down in the 90's. I almost freaked out, but the doctor assured me it was normal, as he was just nudged in the birth canal. A couple pushes later, he was out and everything was perfect! They put him on my chest immediately and I started bawling, of course. DH was by my side the whole time, and he did really great, he said I was his hero I only had to get a small cut, it wasn't even an episiotomy really. I got two little stitches. I got to feed Jackson shortly after he was born, and he latched on great and has been feeding well ever since. He was considered small for gestational age - I was 39 weeks, 5 days and he was only 6 lbs, 3 oz. They had to do serial blood sugars on him for the first 24 hours, and if they dropped they said he'd have to have formula supplement. But luckily they all stayed within normal range (yay!!!). We had a nice stay but were sooo ready to come home. He is such a wonderful baby (except he will not sleep in his bassinet, uh oh) and my husband and I are just in love and so happy he's here!
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