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April 7th, 2009, 03:48 PM
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I plan on asking my mom to make two gowns, but right now we're just focusing on the one to get done. She's an accountant and behind on her clients tax returns so she's just a little busy right now. But i'm sure she'd be more than happy to make another gown for me.
And i'm so happy there is a photographer also. There are also 3 others in the area. I think i'll contact at least one other as a back up, just in case (or see if the photographer that is coming has a backup).

And that is a great piece of advice, i never even thought to ask about that. I'll be sure to ask We just picked that cemetary because it's a centeralized location, my grandpa (and some other family members) are buried there and my cousin works there. it's also a beautful cemetary. But i'll be sure to ask Thanks!

Originally Posted by AndromedaRayne View Post
I'm so glad you have such a detailed plan. One thing you might do is see if your mom can make 2 identical gowns so you can have one to keep with you as well as the one you will bury with your baby.

We cremated our angel but are burying her on May 2. I've ordered 2 very special gowns and will be burying her ashes in one of the gowns.

I'm so glad there is a NILMDTS photographer near where you will be moving!

One more piece of advice is make sure the cemetery has rules you don't mind following. I've noticed a lot of people at a later time regret not being able to put little trinkets at the cemetery.

I hope I don't sound know it all'ish. I'm just trying to help and hope that you don't have some of the very common regrets (hugs)
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