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April 8th, 2009, 09:20 AM
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Tested this morning at 10 DPO and got a BFN, but...I dunno. I dont FEEL pregnant, but for some reason have a feeling about this cycle. I guess we will see. If I get a positive on Friday at 12 DPO I am going to go in and get a blood test to confirm it, and then on Easter I will be announcing it to my family since they all already know we are trying. The in-laws...well we are probably going to wait until we hear the heart beat before we tell them, so they dont find out we are trying. DH has a feeling he is going to have to yell at his mom for being rude when we tell them we keeping it from them as long as possible!

I got this idea from my friend. Im going to pass out a jelly bean to everyone and when Ive got everyones attention say, this is in honor of our little bean. lol. I just thought that was such a cute idea!

SO hopefully I get my BFP this cycle. I feel quite a bit more relaxed then last. I dont feel prego, but I did have a sudden emotional moment. I was BAWLING over the latest House episode when they killed off a character, but I didnt really like his character all that much anyways, so normally I would not have cried over this. I was SOBBING. LOL. It was ridiculous. So either I just had a weird moment that has never happened in my life, OR Im prego. I guess time will tell. Testing on Friday and if negative, testing on both Saturday AND Sunday as Im hoping to get a positive before seeing the family on Easter. (hopefully Ill get a pos before Sunday because I wont be able to get a blood test on Sunday....

Oh and as far as my health goes. Every single blood test that they have done has come back normal. CBC came back abnormal the first time and normal the second time. They are sending me to a rhemetologist, and I still am supposed to go get x rays, but I have to wait till my period shows, HOPEFULLY IT WONT!!!!

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