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April 8th, 2009, 02:54 PM
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What is safe for me to take for nausea and vomiting? Roald was born still at 25 weeks in November and they told me all tests came back normal. They also said he looked fine and so did his placenta. They mentioned nothing about any blood clots or abnormalities, etc. They told me the most likely cause of death was that his unusually thin/lean umbilical cord (which had no Wharton's jelly practically) had bent or folded, cutting off blood and oxygen. They told me sometimes babies just have lean cords, but when I explained to them my husband and I suspected I had severe morning sickness they told me it was possible his lean cord was caused by my not keeping down enough nutrients.

Well I've been nauseas all week and today I had a migraine early in the morning. I always vomit when I get a migraine (I don't get them often, though) and my vomiting left my throat all torn up and it just flashed me back to puking when I was pregnant with Roald. It was terrible. I remember one time close to his death I was puking when my stepson was still i nschool and my husband was at work and Roald was kicking me so hard. I remember rubbing my tummy where I felt him and saying "It's okay" (my puking was really violent and had alot of bile in it) but it just drives me crazy thinking about it now.

I need something to help me not vomit! And of course the stupid Women's Health Center told me they don't give free appointments and their idea of low-cost high-risk prenatal appointment was $800 with a 10% discount!!! Grr!!! I left them a message letting them know how I'm feeling crappy and that I'd like to know what they recommend but really I just want them to feel bad and give me that appointment before May (I'll be 11 weeks by the time I am insured and get to have an appointment).
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