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April 9th, 2009, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by cre8tivem View Post
I was literally JUST about to pot this same thing, I am also hoping for some acvice.

In the states my Home Birth Dr didn't even test for GBS because he felt that the risks were so low and the Anti-biotic treatment wasn't even proven to do much of anything, and the whole thing just causes stress for the mom. Now that I have a midwife here in Manitoba, I was planning on declining the testing once I reached the time they normally test for it at about 36 weeks.

At 13 weeks they did a urine culture (I had no idea they were doing it, I just thought they were testing for the usual protein and sugars) and it came up positive for GBS. My midwives instantly said that I had to take an anti-biotic and have an IV anti-biotic during labor. I am frustrated because in my research I'm not so sure I want to do that. I have the choice to decline any treatment, but I'm still trying to figure out what the repercussions are of doing that. (am I put on the bad mommy list? are they going to force extra testing on my baby?)

I'm hoping to find a way to get the bacteria out of my body before the birth just to get them off my back. I think that I have seriously depleted the natural bacteria in my body in the past by taking antibiotics for bladder infections, and I want to work to build it back up. It's just frustrating that they use all the scare tactics against you and make you feel like you have the power to make it all better by pumping yourself and the baby with a mega dose of anti-biotics.

In my research, Group B strep is found in up to 40% of people naturally. It originates in the digestive tract, but it can travel to the vagina. The bacteria comes and goes, so you can test positive one week and negitive the next. The chance of the baby contracting the bacteria during birth is like 1 in 2000, and the odds of the infected babies actually getting sick from it is like 1 in 2000. Your odds of the baby contracting it is increased by the baby being premature or underweight, or if the bag of waters breaks for up to 12 hours before birth, or if the mother has a fever during labor. My babies so far have been born within days of their due date both wieghed over 8 pounds. Plus my water never broke until they were practically crowning both times.

So all that to say, that I am really bothered by this dilemma and I'm hoping you ladies have some advice on how to deal with this?
you could just refuse it if you don't want the antibiotics...or if you want to go a route where its not as "mommy refusing! warning" then you do the hibiclense and some probiotics for a week and have them retest you (its a simple swab on the outer area of your vagina and rectum). Then you would most likely be negative and they would stop pressuring you.
I wouldn't take the antibiotics---so really I don't know why I didn't think just to decline the test....I'm going to just decline it when I get to that part.
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