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April 9th, 2009, 06:27 PM
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Aww I'm sorry i'd talk to her, cause its important for you to be comfortable at your birth, cause it's your experience. Good luck!!!

I forunately didn't have that problem. My MWs apprentice is awesome. Has 3 kids all were homebirths and is a massage therapist (which was awesome during labor ) She had the same beliefs/opinions as us on on the typical birth/baby tests/issues so no problems there. She helped give me some tips on what to expect with breastfeeding and after pains, since she experienced it all 3 times, I knew I could listen to her. She did more of the *checking/work* than my MW (she's prego too) which was fine with me. She showed me how/where to push, which helped tons since she knew where/how too, where as my MW is prego with her first. I know she needed to get her experience/training in too so she helped me and we helped her

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