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April 9th, 2009, 08:56 PM
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Hi! I'm Jessica! My son has a very rare form of dwarfism and is very tiny, even with all sorts of interventions. So, luckily, we know at least part of the reason that he is FTT. However, there were some big contributors besides just dwarfism. (They are common with his syndrome, but also happen among the general population.) You mentioned that she doesn't sleep through the night anymore. Have you had a sleep study? Milo ended up having severe obstructive sleep apnea, as did my other son. They've both had the necessary surgeries, and we hope to see them both improve! My other son has no genetic issues, but he had all the typical symptoms and fell off of his growth curve. Maybe have a dr check that, do an official sleep study.

I'd keep on the BM, too. We have to fortify mine with formula, even though mine already had higher calories. I pump, add the powder, and Milo can have that! There's also some stuff called Thick-It that you can add to formula or BM to make it a little more pudding-like to get the kids who need the calories something different, but still give them those calories.

And, of course, you said that you're small, so chances are good that your children could be small, too. I hope that you get some answers soon! Hugs!
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