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April 10th, 2009, 08:08 AM
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we only have our midwife, she didn't like the lady she was trying to partner with and after i met her I agreed. she has asked if she could bring her sister who was interested in maybe becomming a midwife and my husband and I asked her not to (she seemed like she would bring nervousness to the deleivery). she later asked if she could invite an RN who was interested in midwifery, I explained to her that i would need to meet her prior to the time and that it may be ok since she has already been in healthcare and wouldn't just be watching. that didn't work out so it will just be the midwife and my husband and I.

If i was in your situation I would talk to the midwife right away about how you feel about the apprentice, the midwife needs to know these things so she can change the method of emmersion or maybe midwifery isn't the right direction for the apprentice.

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