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April 10th, 2009, 08:30 AM
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Hi Iamommy,
i understand the feeling of , oh my what did i do trying to become a mommy very well. I had the same feelings before having my ds. He's now two and a handful.
But seriously, i believe that -when it comes to your kids at least- yuo can only take one day at a time.
Iam sure that you will not forget your lo anywhere once he's here.
To tell you a funny story though, after having ds on the day we were going home, i packed my bags at the hospital, made sure i did not forget anything, and then sat down to watch a wee bit more on the telly.
Then i checked again to make sure i had not forgotten anything, i stood in the door looked around the room and thought: yep, got everything...
Thats when my son moved in his bassinette, and my first thought was : Oh yeah, i guess i have to take you too.... lol
I can't help but grin about that now, it's the one and only time i almost forgot the most important part in my life...
As for the closeness with dh, i found that ds has brought us closer, because he's so important to both of us.
If you are really worried about the closeness with dh, talk to him about it, i find that whenever i feel unsure about things my dh can put a different outlook on things.

i also understand about loosing yourself,
i take time for myself, at leats once or twice a month, it can be as simple as reading a book while dh looks after ds, or going for a pedicure.
Something where iam not on call as mommy.
It helps with feeling like i look after myself.
Sorry this is so long, i just wanted you to know you are not alone!
I do hope this helped a little!
Mommy to three angels.
We'll miss you always!
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