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April 10th, 2009, 08:51 AM
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I had a dream just like that a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I kept forgetting that we had a baby and leaving the baby places. Everytime we would race home and the baby would be fine...
I know what you mean about starting to feel some anxiety about becoming a mama. I think that I have been so consumed with just staying pregnant I have had a hard time believing that this is really going to happen and that I am going to end up with a real live baby out of it. Lately it is seeming like this is more and more the likely scenerio- LOL. The reality of it is really exciting but also kind of scary.
I was just reading in my Birthing From Within book (a great book by the way) about how having a baby can affect a couple's relationship fact according to the book anyway a new baby only affects about 20% of couples positively, the rest are either affected negatively or not affected. The book suggests that you and your DH both identify five problems or possible fights you see as possibilities after the birth of baby and work on coming up with possible solutions now so that when/if it actually comes up you have already thought about some solutions. It can also make you feel better about the relationship because you are talking about your wories openly as a couple. My DH and I did this and it really helped me feel better about our ability to do this together and to allow the birth of our baby to improve our relationship.

sorry, i just wrote a book!

Baby Bria born 5/6/09

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