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April 10th, 2009, 09:06 AM
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My midwife said that in her experience she has noticed a link between babies who do develop the infection and pregnant mamas who suffer from a lot of UTI's, and yeast infections during their pregnancy. This is only based on a couple of experiences that she has but it is probably worth thinking about. If you are suffering a lot from infection yourself while pregnant and test positive for strep than you may want to think more about some sort of treatment.
She didn't mention any of the probiotics or other cleanses but I will ask about this at my next appt.
By the way, do be really careful about what probiotics you buy and that they come from someplace that has taken good care of them and made sure that they have remained refrigerated. It is my understanding that they can die very easily. And about yogurt, I have been told that most conventional yohgurt bought at the grocery store contains very little if any live cultures. I was told at one time to pick an organic yogurt that is local so that it hasn't had to travel too far.... depending on where you live that could be difficult!

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