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April 10th, 2009, 09:44 AM
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Hm...we do, but a lot of it is related to Milo's syndrome. I know that a lot of kids end up with those red bumps if not changed quickly enough. That could just be sensitive skin. The whole foods, YES, but I think that's normal. (Kannon used to LOVE black olive rings, but they would come out just like they went in. I don't know why that's the one that freaked me out every time.) I know that poop can still be different consistencies, but with her not gaining weight, maybe it does mean something. I know that some kids just have problems gaining, but it's always the first sign of something else, too. Are you seeing anyone for it? I'd imagine that they'd want to do a full panel of blood tests just to rule out thyroid, absorption, metabolic, enzyme, and other digestive issues. Who knows? How long has it been since Alexanderia gained weight?
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