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April 10th, 2009, 10:34 AM
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Oh, those dreams are totally normal. When I was PG with Joey, I had a dream that I left him in his baby carrier/car seat on the roof of my car and drove away! I also had dreams that I'd forget him at home. And, then for the rest of my dream I was trying to get to him, but couldn't find my way home. He's now 13 and I think sometimes he wishes we'd leave him home alone

I also had a dream that I gave birth to a little white girl kitten! They say that that is totally normal, too. I still feel crazy admitting that one. But, I'd never been a mom. I think having pets was all that I knew. Hmmmm....don't want to analyze that one.

And, when you find out how well you can handle this, and how much you love your little one. It's not over! The second you think about having another one? The dreams and thoughts become " I can never love another baby as much as I love THIS one..." Just so you absolutely can, without any effort!

You won't lose yourself. You'll add "mom" to who you are. And, in my opinion, there's nothing better. Take care and know that your worries will slowly disappear as you and your DH become used to your new roles. thinking of you You're going to be awesome parents!
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