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April 11th, 2009, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by bigplantnerd View Post

Also, I have insurance with aetna which is no way no how do they pay for HB, I understand that. But if I had to have a transfer or had a postpartum complication could they deny payment since it was related to homebirth?

Oy, there's so much to learn!
I don't believe that they can deny you coverage if you have to transport or have a postpartum emergency. If you do have to transfer, you are usually admitted through the ER and the cost is what ever your co pay is for an Er admittance, though I would check with aetna before hand to make sure. One thing I can tell you, though I am not sure how things are in NC, is that if you do have to transport, especially if hb is not recognized in that state, you might get threatened with a Child Protective Services report. My mom had a hb with all of us, but when she had my youngest brother, she had placental accreta and had to transport for the hemorrhage. Even though she was admitted (and our insurance covered the bill) and hb is legal in California where she was giving birth, the OB she saw still threatened to call CPS on her. Even if she had had the baby in the hospital, she still would have hemorrhaged, and they would not have been able to detect the accreta any faster than the mws did. Luckily they didn't follow through with the report, but it is just something to file away in the back of your mind to be prepared for in the event you do have to transfer. Hopefully, your birth will go smoothly and this won't even be an issue

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