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April 11th, 2009, 05:01 PM
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Well, it’s been almost a week now since Lacey was born! I can’t believe how time has flown by! It could be due to spending 4 days in the hospital and another few at home going back and forth the Dr.’s and hospital… but everything is finally coming together and we are one happy family!

Here is Lacey’s birth story - some of the details I am not 100% on because it was a very, very rough birth. Unfortunately it was not the NCB (natural child birth) I had hoped for and ended up quite delusional and drugged up. The important thing though, is that my beautiful Lacey is here and ok!

Lacey’s due week was the week of April 2nd. My Dr. actually let me pick whatever day I wanted between the last week in March, and the first week in April because he does not like to focus on a single date (due to the unknowns of any woman’s specific ovulation schedule). April 2nd just seemed like a nice day to me!

Prior to actually going into labor, I had been having very consistent contractions for almost a week. On Saturday, April 4th they continued as usual but were getting a bit stronger and closer together. Brian’s family came in town that day and we were hosting everyone for dinner. I remember whispering to Brian that I think tonight we will be going to the hospital, but we didn’t tell the family at the time.

After everyone left around 8pm, we started timing. Contractions were about 10 minutes apart and progressed to about 5 minutes apart around midnight. We decided to go to L&D around 2am.

When we arrived at L&D we were so excited to have a midwife on staff who was totally into NCB. She only made me stay on the monitor for 15 minutes to get an initial read and then encouraged us to use the birth ball and take laps around the floor. Things were going great - my contractions were very strong and I was working through them great! At this point I was 2cm.

Around 7am my cervix was checked and we were amazed to find out that I was only 3cm dilated. Sometime soon the Dr. came in and decided that because of the intensity of my contractions, it would be a good idea to break my water. This is when the concerns started.

The Dr. broke my water and said that it was very low. I think he actually wasn’t even sure at first if he broke it, but then the discovered that there was meconium in it. At this point, he wanted to start Pitocin, but I begged not to. He gave it a little while longer and I was induced sometime around 9am.

I was checked again and still wasn’t dilating very fast. I think at around 11am I was 4cm. It was so frustrating. It had now been a very long time since I had eaten anything and I was getting extremely lethargic. I decided at this point that I would get an epidural to help me get through the rest of labor.

I continued and continued to labor… in the afternoon I was having a ton of pain. Because I asked the anesthesiologist for a “light” epidural, it ended up getting upped at this point. Brian and I were both exhausted and I still was not dilating!

Finally, I reached 10cm around 4pm. It was a miracle. However, my pain was extreme. Now, I consider myself a pretty pain tolerant person, but this was bad. Even with the epidural, I was at a 10 on the pain scale. Something was going on and I feel tremendous pressure on my butt.

The decision was made to start pushing. We worked for an hour or so until the baby had descended enough to realize that she was posterior. By this time, I was completely delusional and I’m pretty sure I was screaming (NOT like me). I don’t remember much except that they had tried to flip her and she ended up being transverse. The pain was just like nothing else… sometime around this time the baby’s heartbeat started to show extreme distress and I was told I was having a c-section and was not allowed to push anymore (ahhh!)

From this point, I really remember very little. I was taken to surgery and the baby was born around 6:30pm. I vaguly remember recorvery afterwords except for seeing Brian with Lacey (it broke my heart), my Mom saying something to me, and my shoulders hurting really bad. The nurse who had me the night before was also there and was talking but I have no idea about what. I think I also found out that the cord was wrapped around poor Lacey’s neck. Poor baby!

Unfortunately this is it for me for the night… I saw Lacey (in my delirious state) but didn’t get to hold or feed her till the next day. I’m was very upset on Monday to find out that it was Monday and that I didn’t get to be a Mom to her for nearly 12 hours. I keep trying to remind myself that I did the best I could and that she is healthy and that is the most important thing.

I ended up staying in the hospital until Wednesday afternoon. They let me leave a day early for good behavior and agreement that we would visit the Dr. on Thursday and have a home nurse on Friday. Lacey struggled a bit with jaudice and almost had to go back in for light treatment, however her wonderful appetite has quickly gotten her out of that and has her only 3 ounces (as of Friday) away from her birth weight!

Lacey is a wonderful sleeper! I think if we let her, she would go 4-5 hours between feedings, however because of the jaundice we are feeding her every 2-3. Brian has been a wonderful Daddy… just amazing. He snuggles and changes all the dirty diapers and even makes sure we keep our feedings on time!

As for me - I am still very sore from both pushing and surgery. Things are very swollen… Friday I was doing much better but then I pulled something getting out of bed in the middle of the night and have been very sore today. I’m trying to reduce the pain meds to just tylenol, but it is really hard when I have to get up and down to feed the baby.

So, everything in the Blamire household is going well. We love our little girl and are thrilled everything worked out in the end. I’m slowly working on getting out thank you’s and announcements, so please be patient with me!

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