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April 13th, 2009, 05:25 AM
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This is Danny, born March 11, 2008! Forgive my long winded explanation, but I am very adamant about CMV awareness considering it is an avoidable congenital virus and this is a mommy forum, LOL.

Danny was born with congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV). Despite most people not knowing about it, CMV is very common, especially in daycares and preschools; once you catch it once, you develop immunity, much like chicken pox. In healthy children and adults with fully developed immune systems, it acts like a cold, or a bad infection develops flu- or mono-like symptoms. However, when a pregnant woman catches it for the first time, it crosses the placenta without so much as blinking. 85% of children with cCMV have no symptoms at birth, but go on to develop a progressive hearing loss and occasionally other problems.

Danny, however, landed in the other 15%. He was fortunate enough to avoid a couple of the worst symptoms (seizures and microcephaly, and death thank God), but he had a full complement otherwise: enlarged liver & spleen, enlarged ventricles in the brain, extremely low platelet count, petechiae (small spontaneous bleeds under the skin that appeared like a red rash covering his body), low birth weight, and difficulty eating and breathing. The infection also made it into the fluid surrounding his brain, leaving calcifications.

At this point, however ... we don't know exactly what the effects of all of that will be. He is profoundly deaf (using cochlear implants) and globally delayed. He is currently resisting table foods - strongly - but it's impossible to know right now whether that is a sensory/feeding issue or just a stubborn baby. He has a strong preference for his right hand, seeming to forget or dislike using the left, and will probably need foot braces because his ankles roll in when he's standing. He remains high risk for learning disabilities and processing disorders across the board, but it is too early to tell for pretty much any of them yet. We are playing a lot of "wait and see" right now on top of tackling the issues we do know about.

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