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April 13th, 2009, 10:31 AM
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I've been on a high for weeks and feeling very positive but suddenly I've crashed and am feeling angry and snappy for know reason! I'm only on CD15. Last cycle I had EWCM from CD9 all the way upto ovulating CD19 but this cycle NOTHING. I have no idea if ovulation is coming or if its going to be much later. I couldn't even take an accurate temp this morning (Dakota woke me up at 5am) but if todays and tomorrows were higher, fertility friend would put my ovulation as CD13 (a miracle first) but I don't know now. I am praying for an accurate temp in the morning to make me certain where I am in my cycle. But I don't understand this mood (which is more like a pre-AF mood) nor dryness!And I'm stressing about whether the B6 is working after all....I added a folic acid to my daily intake but have stopped the raspberry leaf as it ran out and I decided not to get any more. My Vitex is nearly out and I figure to drop that too as I thought B6 was giving me the results.

Anyhoo...just having a moan so ignore me! Thanks!

Jo xxx
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