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April 14th, 2009, 06:46 AM
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Well, I tried a liquid nails multi purpose that said it was elastic even though they said it wasn't flexible enough to handle the pump's motion. I thought I'd fixed it anyway as it held for several days. We fixed it again Saturday when one small hole poked back through. . . and now the holes are bigger than ever *tears* I have a pump in style advanced bought for my first child in November of 2006.

My husband is urging me just to give up the pumping at this point. . . but at 7.5 mos, I feel SO close to my goal of a year. . . and I feel guilty not doing as much as I can for him for a year, since I did with my first son!! I really wish I knew EXACTLY what "newbaby2006" used to fix hers as most of my google searches for elastic glues or flexible glues come up with plenty of ways to USE them, but no brands/places to find them. Anyone know how to get in touch directly with her if you haven't been able to fix something similar on your pump? Thanks again for any help that can be offered!
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