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April 14th, 2009, 12:04 PM
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Thanks SO very much! 4.5 months to go seems MUCH shorter with the electric pump vs. pumping by hand. I'm at the point where pumping about 5x a day is getting me just about as much as I would pumping more. Hopefully it will at least last me through this kid The liquid nails stuff probably could be re-applied, but it takes 8 hours to set & especially during the day, I don't go anywhere near that amount of time before pumping again, arugh! What's most frustrating is that mine is tearing on the side of where the motor pushes it in & out, just as you mentioned. Watching the motor go in & out, that side is pushed/pulled FAR more than the other, which is frustrating because however they MADE the motor, it wears/tears totally unevenly to create this rip! Again, thank you SO very much!!!
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