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April 15th, 2009, 05:37 AM
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Thank you for noticing that... Not to meny people do... Yes it's an Amazing story... My due date is 3 jul... but because we are having a c-secction the dr said " we take the baby 1 week early" We said ok & sat out in the waiting room (cause we had to wait for the nurse to set up our next appt.) So we looked at the date & said " OH MY LAND " How can we pass this up!!!! What a gift to give to my mom... She passed of bone & liver cancer After surviving Breast cancer a yr 1/2 before that...

We feel in our hearts that Mom is the reason we found eachother again after 13 yrs.. I found him on myspace 9 nov 07 , She was sick at that point we planed a set 08 wedding but then the cancer spreed extremly quick & started to shut down her liver so with the help of family & friends we got the marrage licence & JP in 1 day , got married the next she passed 1 1/2 days later....

I miss her,, some days are better than other's and it getting harder with the due day coming for she won't be there Phisically for this birth,,, but i know she'll be in all of our hearts

Yes it's very hard to be off my feet/ EXPECALLY pelvic rest LOL but we do it for the baby right

I'm just glad i have all of you ladies here & on the jul due date boards & that i have my family ,,, I'm trully blessed !!

My daughter is a wonderful help... She has taken my roll for cleaning & such & has stepped up to bat that i don't know how i'm gonna repay her you know... I raised her these last 13 yrs by myself , with little to no help from family ( except my father ) & barly any child support.. She's on honor roll ... amazing

I truly wish you luck conceving will be ok widly spaced children is not so much uncommon as you may think & sometimes i think it's better

Have a great day Thanks for listen to my story & seeing that

P.s we didn't plan this pregnacy nor the due date..this is what makes this story more amazing you know...

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