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April 16th, 2009, 07:39 PM
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I have had the day from heck! We did some gardening outside, it is a beautiful sunny 70degree day.

While we were cleaning up, I went to turn on my outdoor water faucet for the first time sence moving in. No water came out the faucet...but I heard water. I looked under the house and water everywhere. SOMEHOW when you turn on the nozzle outside, it sprays under the house. Even the guys at homedepot are baffled by that one...

Anywho. there is an active leak (rather fast) under the house in the piping. I followed the source to under the sink. Apon looking I see a flow of water going from the pipes to the cabinet floor, and from there it seeps through the wood and then drains under the house.

SOOO, sence 4pm we have been trying to fix the leak. We have the cold water side done. We have so far learned vinyl tubing does NOT work with HOT water. It expands. Would have been a nifty science experiment. We were all excited to take a shower and then I hear the hiss of spraying water. The tubing burst. Thanks Home depot for warning us when helping find the right tubing....

I a tired, wet, cold, dirty and sick of the smell of moldy kitchen sink.
Dave should be home soon with either a bottle of water or an acceptable tube for the hot water. Tune in next week....
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