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April 17th, 2009, 10:37 PM
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Long cycles are so extremely frustrating. I was never dx'd with pcos but my endo said she "thought" that I had it, but it was nearly impossible to test for because I am already diabetic. I know that my cycles were always all over the place. My average was one every 2-3 months. It sucked so bad because I never knew when I was going to O. I used opk's for months straight waiting to see 2 lines and sometimes never did. Then after my Abby I had some cycles that were only 22 days the one that I got pregnant with Hannah I o'd on cd45! The month before I got pg with her I started using Maca Root. It was the best thing I could have done. I had a "NORMAL" cycle. I o'd on cd 17 and had a 12 day lp. The next month I was taking it again but ended up getting a cold and ran out of maca, so I stopped taking it and never got around to going out and buying more, but basically a couple weeks later I tested and it was a bfp to my surprise. Anyways I don't know if your interested in it but I loved the maca. Having normal cycles is half of the battle. And its never fun getting af, but it was better when it came like it should instead of having 4-6 ww's. HUGS! I used to tell myself that each time af showed up that was one cycle closer to getting my BFP, so heres to your being one month closer!
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