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April 19th, 2009, 05:58 PM
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my mom drives me nuts!! i know this is kinda rude but i cannot stand her! I have NEVER been close with my mom. ive always been independant and do things on my own. now my twin sister is another story. her n my mom are really close. it doesnt bother me at all but my mom trys to be like my best friend and it just drives me up a wall.

she has always been like that. she tries to pry into my life to get me to talk to her when i just dont wanna share every aspect of my life with her. my sister tells her i cant tell my sis something if i dont want my mom to know because she will tell her.

here lately it has been gettin on my last nerve. i feel like i havnt even moved out of her house yet.

yesterday morning she called me before i was even out of bed (i ignored it because im super grumpy in the mornings) she knew i was going to her house later so idk why she called. but i got up and went to their house to get the rest of my stuff. i was there off and on all day. then this morning i get another call from her before i was out of bed too. i was like really?? leave me alone please! i ignore it again. she texts me a little bit later and asks if we wanna come over for dinner.

SO doesnt want too because my parents drive him nuts too. but i told her yea and then she's like can we come see your apt. i didnt want them too because its still a mess and i had homework to do) so they come over and are here for like 2 hours then finally leave n that only gives me like an hour without them here before we have to head right on back to their house. after dinner we leave because we wanted to go to kohls n mym mom like walked me to the car....she acts like im moving across the world or something!

now those of you that are already mommies probably think im horrible and i can understand wanteing to be close to your kid...but im just not that type of person. i mean yes i want to have a good relationship with my kids but im also not going to try and push a friendship on them. i think thats what pushes me away. shes trying to act young and like we are best friends and that just simply isnt the case.

all of my friends have always said she treats my sister better.(just an example for graduation my mom made my sis a scrapbook n never made me one) i mean im sure i have a lot to do with it. im not like mean but im not all giddy and happy all the time when im with them.

ok. im done now. thanks ladies for lettin me vent to you!
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