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April 20th, 2009, 02:16 PM
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I met Ava's therapy coordinator this morning. Ironically she's an RN that worked for years on the trach/vent floor and knows Ava's new medical team. I thought we'd do the evaluation, but as it turns out Ava does not need evaluated since she has a diagnosis (verified by more than two doctors) and has been accepted by the CMH (Children with medical handicaps).

What I like:
In home therapy
She knows exactly what is wrong with Ava and has experience with it.
If anything is denied by our insurance, CMH might cover it.

What I don't like:
She informed me that she believes Ava may have an airway put in because she is so delayed. That it's "blatently obvious" that Ava is using any extra energy on breathing when she should be using that energy on gross motor skills. (I really wanted to like her until she said this)

She also said she feels Ava needs tested for cerebral palsy. I don't see muscle tone issues. ??

I don't know what to say about it all. I think I'd like to remain in denial for 2 more weeks! I'm counting on this new medical team to tell me Ava is 100% cured of everything. *sigh* That's just not gonna happen, is it?

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