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April 20th, 2009, 05:31 PM
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The reason for the sever back order last year and this year is because they updated the books. I happen to order when they are "ready" to give out the new books. BUT we are in that phase where we are buying each time they are doing new books. I don't want to accept the older parent kit when I have the newer child's kit here at my house. I would have to eat the cost of shipping back a heavy box (and we don't have a job) to them in order to get all old editions of everything. And there are some neat aspects of 4th grade this year that we LOVE!

Eli "should" be in 5th because that is the year he should be beginning. We are "behind" because we had people living with us and it was insane and we never had quiet time to do our work...or schedules were totally wacked out. I don't know if you all remember the hard time I had with telling our long term house guests that they couldn't move with us to the new house we had bought over 2 years ago. Schooling was our biggest reason for doing so.

Elijah has been working so wonderfully and he has been telling me that he wants more of a challenge. The problem is he gets it all and never forgets. Hee hee...

We can get 5th grade now, with free shipping in April. But we would have to ship back that 4th grade box we have already and we aren't sure how much that would be and then on top of that we would have to eat the 60 bucks in shipping they already charged us in Feb. for BOTH boxes that we will end up getting the second of in July. And so we will have to float for a week to 2 weeks the almost 200 dollars extra of the new kit until we are refunded for the old child's kit that we would send back. Is that super confusing???

*Eli wants to do so much of the 4th grade stuff...the science and history ROCK out this year.
*History for 4th is indepth american stuff, super fun, and 5th is ancient. American history will not be looked at ...*if* we go with abeka until then...until 8th grade. And it super rocks this year.
*Eli also wants to bump up and in his words have an actual challenge this year that he must work really hard at. (Although, I don't think it will be as big a challenge as he is hoping, homeschooling makes these kids way too smart.)
*5th will be old edition by the time Remy gets there so I would reorder some things I wouldn't if we waited.
*BUT, we don't want Eli a year behind FOREVER just because abeka sucks at making sure they have orders ready with new editions for the biggest order time they have (income tax)

SOOOOOOOO, what would you do? I can say that I atleast didn't think of unemployment today!
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