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April 21st, 2009, 06:45 AM
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Hi I just noticed this post, but I think I've seen your siggie on other posts - your little girl is beautiful!! I'm in the same boat about wanting to TTC but no AF. My son is 15 months and still loves to nurse at night, though at times he will only wake once, and has STTN maybe 5 times. Mostly it's 2-3 times, though. Last night and seemed much more - he must be getting some teeth. Oh, he still nurses during the day, too. Anyway, I started getting light cramping and other hormonal symptoms back at the end of summer if I remember correctly. Started getting regular monthly EWCM in January. Still waiting for AF now in April!!! Every month I think it's just around the corner, but like you, think I probably won't be able to get PG until weaning, and DS is far from wanting to be a Weanie at this point.
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