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April 22nd, 2009, 12:45 AM
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Well it certainly does all depend on when you get AF back - and that varies enormously and is effected by how much your little one nurses, whether you use a pacifier, how much solids they eat, if you co-sleep (skin contact) as well as your own bodies hormones and fertility rate.

You can't ovulate and not have AF unless you catch that first egg and get pregnanct otherwise the unfertilised egg HAS to be shed which causes you to bleed.

So in other words - yes you definitely CAN get pregs before your AF, but only if it was about to come and you caught that first egg. Its imposiible to predict when that would be. But the chances are quite low in the first 6mths unless you supplement feed, express, use pacifier etc in which case your fertility returns sooner.

For me my AF returned at 9mths and I got pregs 7mths later, but miscarried. You can ovulate ut still not be fully fertile. I am still here ttc over a year on! But thats because I am stuck in the mid-way point of fertility (ovulate but short luteal phase so egg can't implant) which is rarer.

Jo xxx
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