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April 22nd, 2009, 12:33 PM
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I guess there's a meeting on Monday btwn the family and the hospital. FIL told his co-worker that we're coming down to visit this weekend, and the family can meet us if they want. FIL said the co-worker said they want to give the babies up for adoption, but don't want to "give them away" to the govt system as they'll likely not get any follow up. That they want to babies to go to someone local or someone who'd keep in touch just to make sure the babies are okay. Of course we'd do that. We live 7 hours away, but we visit every 2-3 months and of course we would send pictures and updates. What if we got the boys, and they decided the 2 year old would be better off with his siblings? I'd have two 2 year olds and two infants; I could have a show on TLC! FIL was gonna call his buddy last night to confirm our interest. We're going down there tomorrow for the weekend, so I'm hoping to hear over the weekend. Imagine, I could be bringing home two baby boys in the next few weeks! Or, this could all fail and I'll move onto IVF in June. If I brought the boys home, there is no way I'm moving to IVF; I'll probably go on bcp! I wanted more kids, but three under the age of 3 will be enough for a few years! Is this why my Clomid and IVF failed? Was I meant to have these babies and give them a wonderful life filled with travel, french immersion preschool, trips to Disneyworld and Europe, summers filled with camping? And if they had developmental issues, we'd be prepared to deal with those; we could have bio babies with issues, you never know. This is almost too perfect, I've been praying what works out best is done for those baby boys, even if we aren't meant to have them. Thank you ladies, I'll KUP!

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