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April 23rd, 2009, 05:34 AM
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Originally Posted by ana410ny View Post
Hi Megan

Just stopping by to wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey. I do want to add one thing.

Don't think about it as "dieting", I mean come on, what do the first three letters spell. Start thinking about it as a lifestyle change. The easiest thing that you can do to help you jump start your weightloss is switching from white to Whole Wheat(brown). White carbs provide you with little to no nutritional value (aside from maybe a baked potatoe) whereas whole wheat gives you the benefit of fiber and more.

The next easy switch would be from eliminating as much sugar, sodium. What does that entail? Well, don't buy any more soda (at least for now, you can have them every now and then later on), juice, candy, sweets, cookies, chips, and definitely keep away from processed foods (even the ones that claim to be healthy, they usually pack so much sodium).

The last easy change is switching to lowfat or fat free. Buy skim milk instead of whole, reduced fat cheese instead of the really yucky stuff. I also found out that you need to experiment when trying low fat alternatives. Some foods are really gross, IMO, but give another brand a chance and maybe, just maybe it will be more tolerable... and you know something, you'll start getting used to eating reduced fat stuff.

Oh yeah, and drink lots and lots of water and try to incorporate a veggie in every meal if possible.

Keep these things in mind when you sit down to eat and you'll have great success and say to yourself... It's a lifestyle change and not a diet.

Anyway, wish you the best of luck


Thank you for the info!
I do already eat whole wheats, we made that switch a long time ago. And I have cut my soda intake way down, recently its about 8oz a day which I am trying to eliminate.
Juice, Candy, Chips, and Processed foods have also been out of my husband and My diet for at least a year.
I do still eat sweet and salty snacks and tend to turn to popcorn (we actually pop from kernal and not the premade bags) or ice cream in the evenings (sometimes instead its home made cookies or cake instead of ice cream).
Almost all that we eat is cooked from 'scratch', frozen or fresh veggies and meat from the local butcher (to cut out the chemicals/sodium injected into meats to preserve it for sale), I also use fresh fruits and herbs as well. We usually always have one to two veggies per meal.
I don't drink much milk, but when I do it usually is whole milk because thats what my kids have to drink and I can't justify buying a small thing of skim milk because It would go bad before I drink it.
Also I do have an issue with alot of the lowfat items I've tried, not to say I won't keep trying but I have just cut back on the amount that I eat of the regular stuff!
I do have a salt problem, I use salt alot and it is something I need to cut back on, I have switched to sea salt from the other salt and I have been using alot less than I used to.
And water, I loath water lol. I drink almost a pitcher of un-sweet tea a day, I use 1 pack of sweeten-low per 8-12oz glass, and I just have a hard time grabbing a bottle of water instead, I know that is a mental thing tha I need to get past... but I've been this way pretty much my whole life, I can remember my dad trying to get me to drink more water when I was younger.

Thanks for the advice I am going to work on making more of a lifestyle change in order to help loose the weight.

I've made the decision to only weigh my self at the scale at the gym so that I do get a consistant weight since my kids play with my scales at home.

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