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April 23rd, 2009, 08:07 AM
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I feel so much better today since I FINALLY got the appeal in the mail yesterday. I've been struggling on wording for it for a while now. My first attempts were too angry, too emotional, too wordy, and I decided to leave it alone for a week or so. I picked it back up the other day and now feel very confident with the wording. Yay!!! (and big thanks to everyone I bugged with suggestions/edits on it! ) So, now we wait. This current cycle will end this weekend, and either way we'd be waiting another cycle as DH & I have yet to decide on a sperm bank, or even begin to choose a donor. We have our appointment with the social worker next Tuesday evening. This is required by the fertility center since we are using donor sperm, and we're not able to proceed until we meet this requirement. The fertility center has also appealed the insurance decision on their end, and the Benefits Manager here at the government I work for is also placing calls. Hopefully between all of this, we'll get positive results!!!

Now I don't think I mentioned the pricing here . . . just have so much stuff going on lately. With the fertility center being so upset over this as well, they're giving us a discount on the price of things with them. An IUI cycle using donor sperm will cost us $1200 (as compared to it being between $4500-$5000), this will include the day 3 u/s & b/w, all the monitoring days I'll need (b/w & u/s), and 2 IUIs (they prefer to do 2 back to back since we're using frozen sperm), and the followup bloodtest for pg. The cost of the donor sperm is between us and the bank we purchase from, and even if the insurance decides to change their decision we would still have to pay for it. The banks vary in price, and the shipping costs fluctuate as well. Whew - all of this to consider is still enough to make my head spin. Hopefully soon, we'll be back in the TTC game.

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