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April 23rd, 2009, 12:38 PM
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I know, I guess not dealing w/ it daily you can't get it. Also, not talking about it, it's not real (my DH & my family). I hate that.

Aside from my DS being SN, I am handicap, I have to walk w/ a cane from time to time, been disabled for a while. It stinks & it makes it hard for me to do things but the stroller is like my walker. Again, people look at me & think "why is she parking in handicap? she doesn't look like she's handicap"... I had a lady once look at me & say "you don't look handicap"... and I said "if I wasn't, I wouldn't have a lisence that said I was"...then she said "this is probably not your van, you don't look disabled"... I said "well that's ironic, because you don't look stupid...." I was angry but at that point, felt the need to say something in return. When I see people parking in handicap spots w/ out a placcard or licesence plate, I get angry & I say "uhm... those spots are reserved for those that MEDICALLY need it...." of course they ignore me. But seriously.

Again, looks are deceiving. If I looked crippled, would that make them happier? I don't care for that judgment.

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