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April 23rd, 2009, 01:00 PM
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Danny had a scope of his esophagus, upper intestines, and stomach with a biopsy in each place as well. If that is similar or the same thing,sorry I can 't remember the terms, here is how Danny's went.

He was admitted at 5 am because he had a 23 hour inpatient ph probe as well. We got settled in the room and the nurse gave him some "happy juice" it is in a syringe that makes him relax. I am not sure if she is old enough for that because I think they have to be at least 11 months and I can't remember how old she is. About 30 minutes later they said it was time to go upstairs to surgery. I carried him up and then the nurse took Danny in her arms. To give you an idea of how doped up he was on the "happy juice" he was looking at the rainbow curtain around his crib and go ha, as unexitedly as ever but like he was amused. When they took Danny he didn't cry or anything becuase of the "happy juice." His surgery took about 20 minutes and the Dr came out to tell us that initially everything looked good and that we would have the biopsy results in a week or so. [We had a follow up a week and a half later because his surgery was rescheduled. That made the stress of the results a lot easier as his appt was going to be a month and a half after surgery.] The hard part was that they had to let him wake up after the surgery before he could come to the room. That took about an hour. I heard him screaming from down the hall. They said that some people just wake up from anesthesia crying...adults do that too but they are easier to console. It is apparently normal for the nurses but Danny had the whole screaming thing worse than any child they had seen. He screamed for four hours straight , until the anesthesia completely wore off. I don't want to worry you because she may do fine with the anesthesia but she may scream for a while. The nurses said that they don't even realize they are screaming but I had a hard time believing that.

Anyway, after that initial anesthesia reaction he was happy and fine. You wouldn't have known he had anything done other than the tube sticking out of his nose.

BTW. If she is going to have a ph probe too, it is best to back onsies so you can have the cord behind her back and she doesn't see it. We also had the strap from the ph monitor wrapped around Danny's belly like a fanny back but the monitor was on his rear. If she has that it helped Danny a ton both times he had the probe in.

If you have any questions you can just pm me or post on here.

Hope that helps!!!
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