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April 23rd, 2009, 02:04 PM
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I have never had a miscarriage, only been able to get pregnant the one time (through IVF, after 6 plus years of trying). So I don't truly know, but I don't imagine I would feel the same as I do about Logan.

And while I did still walk away with a baby (Logans twin Ella) , I still love and miss Logan as much as I would have had he been a singleton I had lost. I don't doubt that for one second, never have.

I think it's different because we all got past the first trimester, we knew the sex of our babies, we named them, talked to them. We all dreamed of their futures,what their lives would be, what they'd look like. Then we delivered them and held their lifeless little bodies in their arms and said goodbye. And we (some) had funerals and buried them (or cremated them).

I knew Logan. I knew his movements inside of me. I knew he was growing and was going to join us. I knew what I wanted for him and his life, and his sisters. It's just...oh I don't know. Now I'm gonna start crying again. Ugh!

You all know what I'm saying.
b/g twins Logan and Ella
Logan stillborn, loved beyond measure

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