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April 23rd, 2009, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by blundoboys View Post
Because Cooper "looks" normal, I get the comments from family/friends & strangers that he's fine... they assume that b/c he is walking & what not, he's okay. They don't see the "real" issues. I am tired of explaining the SN of my DS to everyone, especially those who know me well, like my MIL, she'll say "what's REALLY wrong w/ him"... I hate that. I mean, seriously, if you aren't going to take the time to listen to me the 1st time, why should I continue to explain myself? I also get the attitude that "oh he's fine" and assume that he can go to a place or do something, when in fact, he cannot, like a park, he can't do it w/ out one-on-one supervision, so for me to go to a park & let him play & chat w/ other mothers, I can't...he would get hurt b/c of his low-tone & falling all the time.

Are people just ignorant or are they in denial? Just curious on your take for this.


To the bold, we have that same issue. It's nearly impossible for us to go to the big park without DH. I have an over-active 2yr old and a 5yr old that has to be helped and watched constantly (Kyle has a low-tone version of CP). We're getting our own playset this year because of it.

I do have some of what you're talking about - but the most annoying thing I deal with is people asking when he's going to eat - or why don't I just try x, y, z. The x, y, zers are the worst... I just feel like saying - thanks for the advice - what would I do without your vast experience and knowledge in all things Kyle... Because you have SO MUCH knowledge in health related feeding disorders and low tone oral motor delays. What with all your children that are perfectly healthy and absolutely no education in this field. But I digress...
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