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April 25th, 2009, 04:53 AM
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It was a stressful appointment thats for sure.

We ended up leaving here at 6am and got there in time for the appointment. It very much so is a childrens hopsital! Huge playland outside, and when you walk in there is a TON of wagons for patient transporting. LOL So many fun cute kids things all over the place.

Anyways.... we get to the cardio office and we were whisked right back. And then the fun started..... NOT

I was back in the room with bella for about 2 hours and I would say at least an hour and half of that she was hysterical. I was so glad that DH came with cuz at one point, for the EKG I had to have him come back cuz I lost it there were 4 people holding her down just to do that test alone and by the end of it a 5th had come in. It broke my heart that I couldn't comfort my baby. Of course when that was done and she was back in my arms she was fine.

But thats pretty much how it went. whenever they did something to her or actually just came in the room she would start.

They wanted to do an echo, but there was no way she would have never been still and wouldn't have been calm without givin her something.

So what the doc said... the bluing... (they way he explained I understand.... but I dunno if I can explain it) Its something that can happen with kids around this age. It is a nero thing... the brain tells the vessels in the arms and legs to close and that will cause the blue look, and it could be just triggered by her blood count being off. It will stop, and he said we can do a multivitamin with her.

But the premature heartbeat (pvc) they don't know much about it. So they wanted her to do a 24 hour heart monitor. They put that on her yesterday and I can take it off today and send it back. They want to see how often the premature beat happens and if there are any that are 2 in a row. They doctor said he will be in touch with me in a bout a week or so. So until them we just don't know much more.

I guess im just a baby being worn out from that appointment... but to see your baby screaming and so upset..... it just killed me.

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