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April 25th, 2009, 07:57 AM
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Posts: 4,233 read the title and thought, "this woman has a true addiction to peeing in and on things..." Well, as many of you know, I had a tough time reading the results from the first Intelligender test that I took. I polled all of you and e-mailed the company. (Yeah, not only did I pee, but, then I had to take pictures of it... ugh!) You, and IntelliGender, said that you felt the results were girl. Some of you said boy, some of you said you couldn't tell...I wasn't sure that the pics were really depicting the results. Anyway, I received another test as a gift...I think it was a joke because I couldn't read the first results. Prior to taking the test, I e-mailed Intelligender and asked them a few questions. I wanted to know about the sediment in the bottom of the test cup (which was dark green/brown with my last test) and flash photography.

I got the following response...
The only thing that matters is the color of the urine and there can be dark sediment on the bottom. Once you reswirl it the test is invalid. You need to swirl rapidly for 10 seconds. I am guessing that flash photography can change the look of a picture.

Anyway, I took the test this AM... What do you think? I've included both test results. And, once I hear from Intelligender again (they probably think I'm nuts) I'll change my post in the stickied section. Whew...that was a lot of explaining. Here are the results. (I'm not finding out the sex at the u/s so please put up with me while I'm having fun with this test...)

***UPDATED BELOW ON PAGE 2 ...The company e-mailed me***

Thanks for your input, in advance.
Here are the first results...


Here's the test from this AM...

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