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April 25th, 2009, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by blundoboys View Post
Family "IS" worst.... my grandmother will ask me how Cooper is doing. I'll tell her the truth, meaning, not that great at the moment...or that he needs another surgery, something along those lines & you know what she says? "I'm glad everyone's fine"... and then hangs up. As if I just said my son was fine? ***? I didn't say that. In fact, I said the complete OPPOSITE of fine. Yet she says "fine"...

My 8 year old "had" sensory intergration dysfunction for a long time, he still has the occasional texture issues but he's doing better. Cooper, my SN child, is FANTASTIC at eating, eats everything & anything, doesn't matter what it is, if it's new, he eats it & loves it.

My 15 mos. old, has the SAME freaking problem as my now 8 yr' old, he wont eat solids & has severe allergies, and is still on Alimentum formula. He's being interviewed by the E.I. department next week for his eating problems. I waited too long for my 8 year old before I knew what was wrong w/ him & ended up struggling until he was 5-6 before things got "better". I don't want to wait w/ Teighan, if I can do something about it NOW, then that's what I am going to do. It's not my first rodeo, I know how to introduce foods to a child/baby, but if I mention these issues about my son to my family/friends, they say "have you tried..." or then I have them giving him a solid food & he will vomit & start to choke, I mean c'mon! Did you not just hear that he can't eat solids? That he vomits & chokes? What part of that wasn't I clear about?

Sigh... sorry... I know I am being negative right now, I am frustrated w/ ignorant people who brush it off. And yes I often get "it will all work out in the end" crap too. Just love that one. I've heard it all. Or "ohhh... I am so sorry"... like I just had a death in the family, like the pitty thing. It's not a bad horrible thing either, it's not great, I didn't plan this for my DS but he's not dead, why do they say that?
EXACTLY. To all of it. "It will all work out" is what really bothers me. I know that I vent a lot on here, but I don't do it in person much. I actually don't do it on here as much as I need to, or nearly as much as many other people would. Part of it: I never wanted to be a burden. Then, when I realized that everyone needs to vent, I did a few times, and because no one would know what to say, I'd just hear that phrase. Now, if I do it, I either hear, "It will all work out in the end," or, "Glad everything is ok," or, "So nothing's changed?" and moving on to another subject...and on and on and on. I feel like, in general, I get no consideration. I know that it could be because I really DON'T complain, and people assume that things must be fine. But people were doing this right after he was born. I was just sobbing because we didn't know if he'd live. I got so tired of, "Crying won't solve anything," "You're emotional because of the hormones," "It will all work out," "Everything happens for a reason," and so on. I was just dying for one person to say, "Yes, this sucks. I'm so sorry," and just let me cry.

Sorry for another rant. This is all a daily battle for me and for all of us, I'm sure. I always wonder why I give so much consideration and support to others who just don't seem willing to do it for me, my kids, etc.

I'm also exhausted and should just keep my mouth shut today.
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