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April 25th, 2009, 12:38 PM
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dont worry about it. i know i posted a topic called so sad, and i thought i was very clear i wasnt sad at all about a boy but that i may never have a daughter. it was also sad for me because we had already been told that they tought it was a girl. then some exp. tech. who we thought was going to give us confirmation, when she said boy. it was like having my daughter taken from me. i posted right after that, so my preggo emotions threw me for a loop. esp. because this preg. is difficult for me in the sense that it may be my last. boy or girl, i would like to have more really badly, but hubby i think it done. it makes me very sad to think that this is the last time i will be pregnant, this is the last time im going to have that newborn. im so grateful for my baby either gender, i had a miscarriage last dec. and it was so difficult, and continues to be difficult. it still haunts me with this one. im scared of every appt. i go in for and excited at the same time. its only natural for a women to feel hurt if she thinks some other women isnt happy to have her child be a certain gender. though i dont think anyone here is actually unhappy to have a certain gender, just sad that they wont have the experience of raising one of the genders.... its hard to explain. what makes me angry is to hear a couple say they may get an abortion because it wasnt the gender htey wanted! i actually read a post that said that on another site of course. i cant comprehend that, not even a little. im glad you didnt decide to leave even with the misunderstanding. and ill say a prayer for you and your pregnancy.
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