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April 25th, 2009, 03:47 PM
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I know what you mean. Cooper was born "deaf"...then the Otolaryngologist from Children's Hospital confirmed the "same" diagnosis... my family said "he can hear"...NO HE CAN'T!!! When we got the hearing aids, I tried showing my DH, family (people who would be around him) how to put his hearing aids on & off. They refused b/c they said they didn't want too or couldn't be bothered & that I knew better how to do that. Excuse me? So, let's just let Cooper not hear anything b/c your lazy butt doesn't want to be inconvenienced w/ putting hearing aids on the child. Nice... really nice... my DH even did that. I thought to myself "how would you like it? not to hear but could hear something w/ hearing aids but daddy & grandma are too freaking lazy to put them in so he'll just sit there & not be a part of the family b/c you can't be bothered". That's a load of you know what.

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