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April 27th, 2009, 11:42 AM
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I get that all the time with both of my kids. My 4 year old has autism, and I get the whole, "He'll grow out of it, he is just a slow learner, he is just quirky, etc". You name it and I have heard it all. My family was very supportive but his dad's family stayed in denial for quite a while, and I am still not sure if they are still in denial or not. His dad was in the room when he was diagnosed and is still in denial most of the time. Thank fully he doesn't take my son all that often.
My 3 year old, niece I have had since she was 9 months old, has fetal alcohol effects. I have heard everything from she is just very active and defiant to she is only 3 how do you expect her to act. Thankfully she doesn't have many of the facial characteristics that go along with the disorder.
As for ignorant people, it's hard. Some people will ask questions and others will just stare at me as if I am the worse parent in the world because one of my kids is having a meltdown from being overstimulated. I don't mind answering questions because it gives me the chance to educate others on both disorders, but I absolutely hate it when people just stare.

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