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April 27th, 2009, 10:13 PM
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So, for almost a year I have been getting spells with bad cramping in my stomach, getting light headed, seeing spots, passing out. Well, they have got worse with now me vomiting for almost 2hrs. Anyways, I went to the doc and some girls I know suggested gall stones. So, the doc got blood work. My pancreas levels are higher than norm, my rbc, wbc,hgb, hct are all low. My protein is high and the antibodies are high along with whatever Gran # is.

So, my family doc got more blood work done--
my amylase was high, my gamma was high, my igg was high and my igm was high.

My doc did a rheumatoid arth. blood test & it was neg, he did a sedimentation test and it was high & today I found out my ANA test came back positive as well.

I have had swelling of joints & joints hurting, I have hypothyroidism, high bp and am on anxiety meds. I also have got mouth sores for a long time and I get tired pretty easy.

I have a doc appt on May 5 for my reg yearly appt w/my family doc & he is going to talk to me then about what to do.

My question is, I do think it is lupus--my older sis has Lupus but, I am not familiar with a lot of these blood results.

Has anyone been in my shoes?

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