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April 28th, 2009, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by kittycat View Post
The x, y, zers are the worst... I just feel like saying - thanks for the advice - what would I do without your vast experience and knowledge in all things Kyle... Because you have SO MUCH knowledge in health related feeding disorders and low tone oral motor delays. What with all your children that are perfectly healthy and absolutely no education in this field. But I digress...
I think we've talked about this before, but YES - that's the one that drives me insane. Because no one but DH and I have been the one's that have been puked all over, have been up all night with him when someone presses him to eat something he's not ready for, etc etc. But they've got all the answers for us, all we need to do is take Matthew out in public and we'll get them.

Originally Posted by ~~~Sara~~~ View Post
I just want to say we can relate, I get lots of the "see I told you he could be fine"
That's frustrating to me too. Matthew is overall 'normal' right now - but no one understands that CP doesn't just go away and that while things are great now, YES we still need therapy, YES we still go to lots of dr. appointments, YES we are still very very careful to observe every move he makes. That's why he's made the recovery he has (keeping in mind our CP is mild and we were fortunate that therapy provided a great deal of recovery in our situation) and why he's not having more problems than he is - because I have been totally obsessive about monitoring every milestone he hits and everything he does. So DO NOT tell me to 'just relax' and 'stop worrying' - it will never happen, the only thing that's likely to happen is you won't be around in my life to see it happen because I don't need the negativity.

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