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April 28th, 2009, 03:10 PM
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How far along are you? 12wks, 3days

How are you feeling? Tired, hungry (seriously, hand over the food and no one gets hurt) and a little overwhelmed. We had to find a place to move and now everything is in boxes waiting to be moved to the house we found which we still don't have the keys too but should have today or tomorrow then we have to call the movers cause DH has to work and I can't move anything all knocked up....ugh. At least everything is ready to go.

When is your next appointment? May 7th

As you get further along in your pregnancy, are you becoming more anxious? More excitied then anxious right now. I can't wait to find out the gender and start buying stuff (we wait) and feeling the babies move and all that fun stuff.

How prepared are you? Eh, haven't really started preparing yet. So far I know which room will belong to the new babies...once we move in.

Anything else? I just wanna move into the new house!!!! It's awesome and gorgeous and amazing. It's 5 bedrooms, four baths (more then we planned for but pleanty of room to grow into), only 15 minutes from where we live now, and totally in our price range. The babies' room and Rain's room connect by a jack and jill style bathroom which will be nice when they get older. And the kitchen is amazing, I never dreamed we'd be able to afford a place like this, we are so lucky and blessed. I'm just so excited to move into our new house!
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