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April 28th, 2009, 11:21 PM
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Hello all-

I feel like such a bad mama, because as much as I want my dd to learn at her own pace, I cant help but feel she should already know how to read, and it's my fault she cant yet. Comments from friends, or family also arent helping right now.
The, "Oh my dd had been reading for 2 years when she was 7...why is she so behind?"

I'm Amanda. This is our second year technically homeschooling, although I count Preschool too.

My dd is 7 years old. She had a pretty severe speech delay, which put her far behind on learning her letters, sounds,etc. So, we've spent the last school year, really just focusing on learning that since she's been out of speech therapy March 2008. She knows all the letters of the ABC's, most of their sounds, but she just cannot seem to put them together. We have tried work books, computer games, phonics tiles, flash cards, everything. She cant seem to form two letters, or more together to a word.

She can sort of sound out words like cat, hat, bat, run, sun fun if she says each sound in a row, over and over but in the end I think I'm sort of giving it away,lol
She's a wiz at math, and very good at science, and even naming states but she just cant seem to pick up the phonics/reading. Any ideas?

I know in time she WILL learn, but honestly pressure from others, makes me feel awful she hasnt picked it up yet. She still stutters quiet often every day which I'm told she will grow out of, but I feel its affecting her pronounciation of letters, and sounds, thus slowing her down. It's just a vicious cycle!

I have very little support with homeschooling aside from my parents, and my inlaws. Everyone else thinks we are nuts, and are hurting them educationally and I'm so ashamed to say, I have actually ecretly thought about sending her to school for a year to hopefully catch her up,even though I never would.

I guess I just need a little guidance, and assistance from those who might have a late reader. Thanks and sorry for the vent
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